EXO Website


The challenge of this project was to create a website re-design for K-pop group, EXO, that reflects more of the group’s personality. Their current website is really simple, black & white, and didn’t include much imagery. This type of culture is based on visuals that are bright, colorful, lively, and fun. My main focus was to include these elements while maintaining their original simplistic look. To go above and beyond on this project, I managed to build this web design in Adobe Muse. By using this program, I was able to make this a live and functioning mockup website for the client.

Today, technology is pretty much acessible anywhere from a wide variety of devices. I had to keep this factor in mind while I was designing this website. I included how the design would adapt for multiple devices, such as: phone, tablet, laptop and desktop. Depending on how someone was viewing the website, the page would respond and re-size accordingly. With that being said, graphic elements and text will respond in such a way that won’t confuse the viewer. In the end, this website is user friendly while still being visually pleasing.



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